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the story goes...
no more, the end & goodbye...
(at least for a while)
ANOTHER DAY SUICIDE (From the album Mondegreen)
Video by Anna Andersson.


Mix live Tortuga, Lviv - november 2008

Thanks to Jurij and everyone at Tortuga, Lviv!!!!

the story goes... Time: Late 90´s around 10pm.
1st babyroom, Zinkensdamm,at the southern part of Stockholm - capitol of the north european cesspool called Sweden.

Some bored, loose connected, friends got together at a party. One came up with the great idea of forming a band.
The main reason was that he already had a name:
And since none of the friends, except for one or two, could handle any instrument, the choice was easy...
Anyone who had ever wanted to be in a band was welcome to join!

- Since everyone in a band playing a concert recieve a free backstage pass the theory says that if everyone is in the band everyone´s getting in for free...
Imaging playing a festival with like 20 000 in the audience and we stay ouside the gates signing up everyone to join i love you baby!...

in 2005... ...the band was contacted by the art collective I Love You Baby in Houston, Texas, USA wich resulted in some cooperated projects.
The songs Camomile and B5A627 was used in a performance at Rudyard´s 2nd of July...[more]

the early years... Since the i love you baby! project over the years have included a lot of different personalities with different skills and ambitions there´s also a big difference in the music...[more]

grand pop 1977... the firts phase the record was a project including only Jeanette and Hatman, since most of the songs were written before Martin and Ando joined. But as time past the confusion increased, so today no one really knows who played what instrument! The only two real fact is that Jeanette is singing and that the melody in Daddy´s on a rocket is written by Ando. Minor!...[more]

mondegreen... ...the record includes twelve songs that really doesn´t fit together and the differences in sound between for example "My 49th baby" and "Another day suicide" can be explained with the fact that there´s a serious amount of time between the recordings.
The more joyful songs was recorded in the beginning, but as time went by the pressure increased as well as the purpose of getting drunk. Adding a lack of focus and personal disagreements the darker side took over.
Martin point out the fact that he can´t remember playing on several of the songs...[more]

making video... ...during the work with Grand Pop 1977 Peter Orrevi, a photographer and video producer, offered to make the bands first video to the Whom I was made of.
The shooting took one day and the location was an abandoned and ruined residential quarter 150 km north of Stockholm.
The neighbours didn´t like the exposure of the local spot of disgrace.
The video is filmed in both DV and 8 mm...[more]

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