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Grand Pop 1977 Mondegreen Rare songs Early Years
  Unprepared I Go    
  My 49th Baby    
  Litter Princess    
  Tiny Fascist    
  Small Hate    
  Let Me Get High    
  Scrag Choked Point    
  Dolls Start Small    
  Another Day Suicide    

...twelve songs that really doesn´t fit together and the differences in sound between for example "My 49th baby" and "Another day suicide" can be explained with the fact that there´s a serious amount of time between the recordings.
The more joyful songs was recorded in the beginning, but as time went by the pressure increased as well as the purpose of getting drunk. Adding a lack of focus and personal disagreements the darker side took over.
Martin point out the fact that he can´t remember playing on several of the songs.
Tiny fascist is for example a reuse of an old recording mixed with some new sounds.
According to Aitor Aypes - half deaf producer - the title appeals to the fact that Jeanette mumbles a lot which invites to a more personal interpreting of the meaning of the lyrics.
All songs are recorded, arranged, mixed and produced at the babyroom by i love you baby! and Aitor Aypes.
The cover is made by Johan Bring, and the photos are taken at the ruins of Ericsson factory.

One video - Dorian - also made by Johan Bring, was shot on a very cold night at the same location.
10 degrees below zero and the only lights was from the cars passing by. [watch]
During the work some songs was recorded that didn´t fit in the i love you baby! project. They were more like performances or happenings...

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