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the story goes...

time: Late 90´s around 10pm.
1st babyroom, Zinkensdamm,at the southern part of Stockholm - capitol of the north european cesspool called Sweden.

Some bored, loose connected, friends got together at a party. One came up with the great idea of forming a band.
The main reason was that he already had a name. I LOVE YOU BABY!
And since none of the friends, except for one or two, could handle any instrument, the choice was easy...
Anyone who had ever wanted to be in a band was welcome to join!

- Since everyone in a band playing a concert recieve a free backstage pass the theory says that if everyone is in the band everyone´s getting in for free... Imaging playing a festival with like 20 000 in the audience and we stay ouside the gates signing up everyone to join i love you baby!...

The first line up included Christoffer (the one with the bandname) on guitar, A-C on drums, Jessica on synth, Nina on lead guitar, Hatman on bass and Jeanette on vocals.

Inspired by old shool punk, electronica, sleazy heavy metal and disco of the 80´s the work began.
Instruments was borrowed, bought and in some case even stolen.
Playing was mainly a reason to party and make a lot of noise. After just a few rehersals the first concert was booked. The place was a punksquat and it ended up in a tragic mess. Christoffer had been practicing on a very, very small amplifier so he himself was the only one who had ever heard him playing. - It sounds perfect!, he used to say when the rest of the band asked him. So when he was offered a 200 W Marshall at the gig he couldn´t refuse to show off. The brutality of fact was that he couldn´t play at all. The band started to fight each other on stage! Jeanette really beat him up.
The next performance was on a small festival in the centre of Stockholm. Nervousness and alcohol had made the band look like some junkies stoned out of their mind.

According to Martin, sooner to become guitarist and who saw the band for the first time, it was the best performance he had ever seen. - This keyboardist can´t be for real! Sitting on the floor with a syntheziser in her knee, playing with just one finger, a cigarette in her mouth and way too drunk.

Das Boot (the studio Entombed had been using, among others.) The band found themself in a restroom chewing gum together with Brian Robertson from Thin Lizzy and sharing a bottle of whisky. After one day three songs was on tape.
In studio for the first time everyone was disappointed with the lack of result.
Differences of opinions made Christoffer and Jessica to leave the band.

The following year some demos was recorded on a two-channel tape recorder. Later on a four-channel Akai portastudio.
Ingela Håkansson, a friend of the band, was studying sound engineering and offered some free time in a studio.
Four songs were recorded in one day.
It sounded really demented.
When A-C decided to quit playing the drums it was necessary to buy the first drum machine.

today: Christoffer works as an illustrator. Jessica works at the House of Culture, Stockholm. A-C is teaching dancing.

The remaining three, Jeanette, Nina and Hatman, went to another studio (Eskobar was recording next door) and put ten songs on tape with a lot of help from István Stenberg.
One late night working in the studio they met Staffan, a bohemian globetrotter, multi-instrumentalist and former drummer in a spanish band called Undrop. (In the late 90´s a one-hit wonder band that sold their hit to Pepsi...which made them rich and their old fans outrageous...)

Staffan joined as a drummer and booked the band in studio in Malmoe (650 km south of Stockholm).
Another 10-12 songs was recorded during two days in spite of the fact that the band payed the broke engineer in advance, which resulted in him being drunk beyond belief the whole session. On the second night, while Nina was adding some guitars, a furious skinhead neighbour dashed into the studio threatning to kill everyone if the sound wasn´t turn down. His kid was trying to sleep just above the guitar amplifier!
After being in contact with a former agent to Undrop the band was promised 40 concerts in Spain. Supporting L7 among others...
With a little saved money and lot of loaning from friends a small bus was bought from a Hare Krishna collective and off it went to Madrid, just 2580 km straight ahead...

March 2002 around 11am.
Booking Agency, centre of Madrid, Spain.
- Ahh, I didn´t thought you should show up. Hmmm... Sorry!!
The truth was that the agent was a fake. No gigs were booked.
The band left the agency in anger and stayed one week in a Hare Krishna resort north of Madrid rehearsing new songs, determined to make their own tour.
Staffan, born positive, seriously suggested -I wanna live here. Let´s buy some cheap land up north and build some Teepees!

Just arriving down through the steep mountains south of San Sebastian the bus broke down. Three days waiting in a parking lot 10 meters from the highway.
Although, the nice people of Euskadi saved the tour. Especially Marijo, her boyfriend and all of their friends in Usurbil.
Two months in the basque country, in the north of spain, playing in squats and bars took its tribute. On their way home, just 30 km outside of Stockholm, the band split up, having enough of each others.

today: Nina´s being a librarian. No information about Staffan.

Jeanette and Hatman continued on their own spreading retarded cassette demos with handmade covers.
Then Martin arrived with a broken guitar and stiff left hand.
Some drummers joined and left. Some concerts, but mainly a struggle towards a sound that felt comfortable.
According to that blind fumbling, Martin decided to take a two month break to find inspiration in the rainforests of South America.

April 2003 around 5pm.
The top of Machu Picchu, the inka city outside Cuzco, Peru.
Martin found the inspiration!

On the other side of the Atlantic ocean Hatman and Jeanette created some new songs. At that time the best they´d ever made.
Mainly drums, a lot of bass, synths and vocals.
Martin returned in the same time the band was offered to play at the Hultsfred festival, the main festival in Sweden.
Martins´ brother Ando who knew how to handle computers and synths joined.
The sound changed dramatically with the influence of a lot of new sounds and Andos affection for melodies in D-minor.

June 2003 around 3pm.
The Hultsfred festival. Audience around 800.
This was Andos´ first performance ever and the nervousity made him throw up just before entering the stage.

February 2004 around 12am.
A small coffee shop, Stockholm. A meeting with a small independent label, Trewetha records.

Signing up for Trewetha records, resulted in the release of the bands first record.
"Grand Pop 1977" (named after a poem by the artist Paul McCarthy), is a 8 song min-album (running time 19.57min) that was released in may 2004.

The following year was filled with a lot of concerts in Sweden, mainly in the Stockholm area, but also in Denmark, Germany and the UK, supporting Vive la Fête (France), Mono (Japan) and Volcano, I´m still excited (USA) among others.

In the spring of 2005 the idea of a "Lost recordings" was coming up inspired by the producer Aitor Aypes, but as the work proceeded a lot of new songs were recorded instead.
As with the previous record the work was located to the babyroom, mainly an ordinary livingroom in an ordinary flat in an ordinary building in an ordinary suburb.

Closely working together day and night, with a decent consumption of various stimulantia, it often ended up in shouting to each other instead of having creative discussions. At the end of one late night session Ando and Hatman started a fist fight which resulted in Ando leaving and not participating in the final mixing of the record.
"Mondegreen" was released in november 2005.

Originally the plan was a new release in the autumn of 2006 but different opinons in the choice of musical direction delayed the work as well as a diffuse lack of inspiration and busy playing a lot of concerts.
Personal antagonism and private matters ended up in Ando leaving the band in the end of 2006.

Ando´s working at a television company.

In 2007, after touring in Germany, UK, the Baltic States, Poland, Ukraine and Belarus the band have developed to be the live act that responds to their own demands. Easy discobeats, noisy guitars and an energic stage performance.

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