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Grand Pop 1977 Mondegreen Rare songs Early Years
Grand Pop 1977      
Come On Now      
Daddy´s On A Rocket      
We Avoid Happiness      
Don´t Be So Fucking Eager!      
Whom I Was Made Off      

...the record was a project including only Jeanette and Hatman, since most of the songs were written before Martin and Ando joined. But as time past the confusion increased, so today no one really knows who played what instrument! The only two real fact is that Jeanette is singing and that the melody in Daddy´s on a rocket is written by Ando. Minor!
The first idea was to make a fullength album, but problems with computers - a major harddisc crash - ended up in an eight song mini-album. The cover is made by Ando. The photographer is unknown. All songs are recorded, arranged, mixed and produced in the babyroom by i love you baby!

During the work Peter Orrevi, a photographer and video producer, offered to make the bands first video to the Whom I was made of. [watch]
The shooting took one day and the location was an abandoned and ruined residential quarter 150 km north of Stockholm.
The neighbours didn´t like the exposure of the local spot of disgrace.
The video is filmed in both DV and 8 mm.

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